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Hello World! Let us embark on a fresh adventure, venturing beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone. I’m filled with anticipation as I wonder what awaits us out there. My hope is that you will discover something truly worthwhile in the journey ahead.

Speaking of starting from scratch, I am reminded of a time when I was around 14 years old and delved into the realm of game development. Perhaps referring to them as “games” would be an overstatement. I primarily focused on crafting game menus. Countless ideas for games swirled within my mind during that period. Without giving much thought to proper design, I impulsively leaped towards my keyboard, fingers dancing across the keys to create lines of code. Once I had my rudimentary “engine” in place, equipped with a state machine to govern screens and a fully functional main menu, it was time to bring the actual game to life. Yet, it was at this juncture that my interest waned, and I swiftly transitioned to another captivating “project.” By “project,” I mean the creation of yet another magnificent main menu for an imaginary game.

Although one might perceive this endeavor as a mere waste of time, it taught me invaluable lessons. I learned the art of starting from scratch, unburdened by attachment to my code. Each time I embarked on a new coding venture, I grew more proficient in the process. Fearlessly, I rewrote my code, aiming for improvement. Discarding the old without hesitation, I embraced the notion that outdated code need not accompany me indefinitely. Instead, it served as the initial stride towards crafting a superior version in the future.

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